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Chicken Foot JuJu Charm - Red and Black

Chicken Foot JuJu Charm - Red and Black

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Chicken Foot JuJu Charms are fashioned to protect their owners from a multitude of negative influences and are known for their ability to stop evil, negativity and malintent from disrupting your life. They can be kept in your home, workplace, or anywhere else you may wish to benefit from their power. 

These unique JuJu charms can be displayed in several ways. They can be placed on a shelf or table or hung with a piece of string on your wall or above your front door.

My chicken feet are sourced locally before being dried and prepared according to tradition. Each one is hand painted and decorated with colorful feathers and charms. Other decorative items may include beads, rhinestones, vegan leather, leather and genuine metallic leafing (silver or gold).

*Stand/Hanger not included.

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