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Crooked Stick Apothecary

Fiery Wall of Protection Conjure Powder

Fiery Wall of Protection Conjure Powder

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Use this powder to defend against every type of threat you can imagine. It can be used to protect your home, yourself or your family, your personal property, finances, or job security; it’s also quite useful for spiritual or psychic defense, legal issues, health problems, and much, much more.

Size: 2 Oz.

Contains: Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense and Cayenne Pepper. The full list of ingredients is proprietary.

Suggested Uses:

  • Powder can be blown, sprinkled, or thrown on the ground.
  • Sprinkled around your home or office.
  • Used to set boundaries.
  • Add to mojo bags or gris gris.
  • Use in spells and ritual work.
  • Dress candles, photos, petitions, job applications or business cards, important letters, documents, or money.
  • Add to floor washes.
  • Mix with other powders or dirts.
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