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Fixed Gator Tooth Mojo Hand - Black and Silver

Fixed Gator Tooth Mojo Hand - Black and Silver

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Fixed Gator Tooth Mojo Hands act as powerful guardians, protecting their owners against all evil and negative influences. At approximately 3” x 3”, they are the perfect size to fit anywhere in your home or office, in your car, in your pocket or even in your purse.

Each Mojo Hand has been prepared, blessed and consecrated according to tradition. They are filled with specific herbs, roots & minerals appropriate to their purpose, and each contains a genuine alligator tooth that has been ritually fixed. (*Alligator teeth were obtained ethically from a trusted and reliable source).

Fixed Gator Tooth Mojo Hands are adorned with a large alligator charm and contain one genuine gator tooth, angelica, bay and mullein. *The full list of ingredients is proprietary.

My Mojo Hands are handmade from scrap and reclaimed leather, as such they may contain small irregularities which add to the uniqueness of each piece.

*Stand not included

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