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Money Draw Conjure Powder

Money Draw Conjure Powder

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This powder is excellent for those who are looking to increase their cash flow or obtain, and maintain, financial security.  

Size: 2 Oz.

Contains: Patchouli, Galangal, and 5-Finger Grass. The full list of ingredients is proprietary.

Suggested Uses:

  • Powder can be blown, sprinkled, or thrown on the ground.
  • Sprinkled around your home or office.
  • Used to set boundaries.
  • Add to mojo bags or gris gris.
  • Use in spells and ritual work.
  • Dress candles, photos, petitions, job applications or business cards, important letters, documents, or money.
  • Add to floor washes.
  • Mix with other powders or dirts.
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