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Shaman & Prophecy Stones - Small Pair

Shaman & Prophecy Stones - Small Pair

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Shaman stones and Prophecy stones are excellent choices for any type of personal transformative work. While each can be utilized on its own, they work exceptionally well when combined, allowing one to benefit even more from the powerful energies they have to offer.

These are natural formations with Shaman stones being round, while Prophecy stones have a unique, irregular shape.

My Shaman and Prophecy stone were gathered in Arizona.

Shaman Stones

  • Also called Moqui stones.
  • Excellent tools and talismans for those doing transformative inner work.
  • Guide the user toward beneficial experiences that assist in one’s personal growth.
  • Energies enter the subconscious to stimulate our intuition and guide us to specific inner experiences which are most beneficial to us.
  • Offer psychic and physical protection for those doing any type of “inner journeying” and keep negative entities from attaching themselves to you.
  • Increase intuitive perception making it easier for you to perceive the approach of all types of beings, both positive and negative.
  • Assist in establishing conversational communication with power animals, spirits, helpers and guides.
  • Balance our vibrational field.
  • Bring spiritual light into the body. (Working with prophecy stones).

Prophecy Stones

  • Powerful grounding energy. Grounding the Light.
  • When meditating with them, a great deal of energy comes in through the crown chakra.
  • Pull high frequency energy down into the body.
  • Catalyst for visions, especially of probable future. The more you work with them, the stronger and clearer the visions can become. One must work to understand the meaning of the visions they have.
  • Stimulate the third eye and crown chakras to facilitate communications from other realms.
  • Stabilize the body during shamanic journeys, meditation, and vision work.
  • Aids those seeking guidance from higher realms regarding the future.
  • When paths diverge, or when you have options to choose from, they allow you to investigate your options and explore the possible future outcomes of each decision before committing to one path.
  • They assist us in receiving guidance about mundane, everyday matters and choices that need to be made.
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