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The Sacred Serpent Fetish Doll

The Sacred Serpent Fetish Doll

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Serpents, or snakes, have held spiritual significance to many different cultures throughout the world, and are known for their unique dualistic nature, possessing both light and dark attributes.

While at first glance these attributes may seem to be at odds with one another, they’re really just two sides of the same coin, representing the dualistic and cyclic nature of life and the world around us.

There is a great deal we can learn by working with serpent energy as they offer us the unique ability to see things from various perspectives, allowing us to see the bigger picture so that we can live and act with greater wisdom and purpose.

The Sacred Serpent is a mixed media, One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) fetish doll, prepared in strict accordance with the traditions that have been passed on to me and created to bring balance, wisdom, good health, positive transformations, blessings, protection and more, into your life. 

* Includes: Pine wood, ocean driftwood, clay, moss, river rock, snake sheds and mixed media.

Total Height (with stand) 12”, Total Width 9”.

Serpent associations and attributions include:

  • The cycle of life, death and rebirth.
  • The art of alchemy and transformation.
  • Symbols of sex, sexuality, and the creative life force within us.
  • The primal energies of the universe, which open us up to new levels of awareness, creativity and wellbeing.
  • Inner sight, wisdom and understanding.
  • The ability to see and travel between the realms of life and death.
  • Spirit communication and ancestor reverence.
  • Powerful guardians and protectors.
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